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The company was founded in the year 2000 as a tentative draft for manufacturing polyurethane products for companies of petroleum branch. At that time only 12 people worked for the company, and its area measured 200 m2. The initial way of working with polymeric materials was free casting.

The application of high European technologies of manufacturing polyurethane products started in 2004. It is connected with the appearance of a private laboratory, equipped with modern materials test complex and also with equipment, which is able to simulate specified job conditions.

 In order to identify private products, we introduced trademark, which is put by laser equipment.

Since 2007 the company has been using European quality assurance standards according to the system of international standard ISO 9001.

The aim of the company was to establish itself as a leader in Russia and to be competitive in the world market of manufacturing polyurethane (polymer) products. The main tools in achievement of desired positions were formulated in The quality policy.

At the moment the company is very close to the realization of its goal. Being aware of industrial companies’ needs, LLC SIE Unikom-Service creates products, constituting the result of using high technologies in polymer recycling. We aim at becoming the leaders in our branch, that’s why we collaborate with leaders in polyurethane production. Participation in scientific and industrial projects along with leading European companies allows us to create new products and to improve Russian companies standing.

Today the company is represented as the concentration of all main polymer recycling technologies on one production site. The total amount of components is more than 150 items. Manufacture takes an area of more than 5000 m2. More than 120 people work for the company.

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Pervouralsk, Russia