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Our staff

Company structure unites specialists of different professions:

  • design management,
  • tooling engineers and inspectors,
  • technical experts of activity-specific work,
  • injection-molding machines mechanics,
  • CNC operators,
  • lathe operators, milling machines operators, welders, mechanics, shot blasting,
  • assistants chemist,
  • specialists of manufacture supporting service,
  • customer relationship specialist.

Formed party allows solving any issues belonging within the competence of the company.

Management personnel of the company:

Director – Girnov Sergey;

Accounting manager – Solomina Elena;

Executive Director – Butorin Sergey;

Deputy Director for new techniques and technologies – Popov Mikhail;

Deputy Director for manufacture – Kotikov Denis;

Deputy Director for quality – Nurmukhametova Tatyana;

Deputy Director for technology - Cherepanov Aleksandr; 

Deputy Director for strategy - Dorofeev Aleksandr; 

Deputy Director for economy – Girnova Svetlana;

Deputy Director for general issues – Repin Boris;

Chief Structural Engineer – Loginovskih Andrey;

Chief Industrial Engineer – Selyanina Olga;

Chief of polyurethane production workshop – Koptyayev Aleksandr;

Master mechanic – Chervyakov Sergey;

Chief of rotational casting workshop – Valeyev Danil;

Chief of technical engineering department – Vorontsov Sergey;

Quality Control Chief – Zhuravkova Yuliya;

Procurement Department Chief – Barakhnin Mikhail;

Chief Storekeeper – Surikova Yuliya.

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Pervouralsk, Russia