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Fusion-bonded polymeric coating zone

Development of technology on fusion-bonded rubbers

Recently, dynamic development of designated area of formed elastomeric polyurethane lead to increase of customers’ demands. Customers need protection of various types of industrial equipment, constructions with complex geometry and of surface area from abrasion, different types of corrosion, sticking and other problems.

For example, protection of cell agitator body by polyurethane coating is always a difficult task because of complex geometry of the surface. To solve this problem with the help of formed polyurethane products, made due to casting technology via mounting, sometimes is very complicated or even impossible because of complex surface geometry of high price of the process.

Therefore, our employees developed and matured technology of spraying polyurethane and polyuria elastomers on the surfaces of complex geometry. Various formulas for spraying for different situations with different mechanical-and-physical properties were developed together with world material manufacturers:

  • Abrasion-resistant surfaces,
  • Release (decreasing sticking) surfaces,
  • Chemical-resistant surfaces,
  • Surfaces for protection from various corrosion types,
  • Damp-proof  surfaces for different constructions.


Use of this technology widened possibilities and allowed to do application of elastomeric surfaces on various types of equipment and on constructions both by permanent type (in operating manufacture) and, if needed, on a call-out basis.

While spraying the following equipment is used:

  • modern high-duty multiple batcher for spraying under high pressure, made in theUSA,
  • shot blasting chamber,
  • equipment for advance preparation of the surface,
  • drying cabinet for finishing polimarization.


It is possible to call-out mobile units for operating on customer’s territory.

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