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Polyurethane shafts and the ones gummed with polyurethanes

Polymeric shaft surfaces meet technological demands of increasing production quality, productivity of equipment, environmental friendliness of manufacture and reduction in expenditure.

Specialists of the company LLC  SIE “Unikom-Service” are very experienced in the sphere of scientific research results on the technology of polyurethane rotational casting being used in different branches and with various types of equipment.

Rotational casting makes it possible to manufacture shafts up to 8 meters long and up to 2 meters in diameter, with hardness from 60 items on Shore A number scale up to 75 items on Shore D number scale.

Surface polishing, cutting grooves of various profiles of pitch and depth and also dynamic balancing of finished shafts is possible.


  • Minimum timing of orders based on no need for additional mounting (casting forms).
  • The possibility of getting products with wide range hardness.
  • The possibility of coating in several various hardness, depth and color coatings.
  • Shafts which need restoration may be coated with a new material in a very short period of time, that allows the customer to minimize the quantity of spare shafts.
  • Wear-resistant cutting edge, not developing splitting.
  • Capability to resist high dynamic and sign-variable loads.
  • Resisting to chemical reaction.
  • Good adhesion with coated surface.
  • Low inner warming up.
  • Coating of components with minimalized mechanical machining allowance.
  • Elastic and homogeneous coating, being wear-resistant, with high resistance to cuts. 



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