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Shafts for paper industry

Hereinafter there are not all samples of successfully developed products. For getting more detailed information, please make an enquiry or use follow-up form.


Products samples

Distinctive features of surfaces

Shafts for papermaking machines, pulp machines

Wire section


  • Breast roll;
  • Wire roll;
  • Felt roll;
  • Bowed roll;
  • Turning roll;
  • Pressure roller;
  • Leading roller;
  • Take-up roll.

Hardwearing surfaces.

Sustain high load per unit length.

Ground surface stays smooth and doesn’t wear away the components of the papermaking machine.

Index of friction allows using modern polymer network.

Press section




  • presses;
  • suction shaft;
  • grooved roller;
  • holey roll (bling press roll and  grooved roll);


Surfaces sustain high load per unit length.

Good releasing features.

High elasticity.

Special viscous and hardwearing material.

Allows making different pictures on the surface for effective water extraction.

Extends lifetime of woolen cloth. 

Calendar rolls

  • calendar rolls of paper- and cardboard machines.

Surfaces of hardness up to 90 items on Shore D number scale instead of granite.

Coating press of paper- and cardboard machines


Various shafts

High hardwearing.

Prevents sticking.

Resisting to thermal and chemical action.

Low permanent strain.

High tearing resistance.

Shock resistance.

Capability to sustain high loads.

Coating machine

Various shafts

Hardwearing and chemical-resistant surfaces.


  • reel spool;
  • real-up stand.

Hardwearing and visco elastic surfaces.

Slitting machine

Spreader rolls.

Hardwearing and heat-resisting surfaces.

Vacuum floating machine

  • Mass-demountable;
  • thermal-chemical shafts.



Various shafts

Hardwearing and elastic surfaces.

Mounting and operation lines on wallpaper and floor-cloth manufacture.

Printing art

Various shafts

Surfaces resistant to thermal and chemical actions.

High elastic rate.

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