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Special features of fettlings, made of polyurethane materials:

  • High wearing features;
  • Operation in rough and corrosive environment;
  • Increased protective properties;
  • Fulfill a function of  insulation (non-porous) material, provide cathode control;
  • Resistant to abrasion;
  • High resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • Provide galvanic protection (the coating is anodic regarding to treated surface);
  • Provide high tearing resistance and  fatigue strength, optimal durability under stretching and elongation at break, attrition resistance, high elasticity;
  • Resistance to shock loads;
  • Increases lifetime of metal part.

Samples of products use:

Are used for corrosion protection, and also from various atmospheric, abrasive and attack destructive effects:

  • Protective articles on ballasts for working and supporting rolls;
  • Fettlings for throwers and stoppers;
  • Boots (top covers) defectoscopes;
  • Plates of wear and tear of arbor extractions;
  • Protective straps;
  • Piloting of protective mills and defectoscopes;
  • Protective coatings of tilters and joggers;
  • Bordering pockets and tables of product-quality board;
  • Piping;
  • Hydrocyclones and scrubbers;
  • Capacity of oil products storage;
  • Volutes of rotary pumps;
  • Bottom of raddles, vibrosieves, cars, sea transport, bunker and estrus.

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