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Hardwearing protective coating

Spray on protective coatings on the base of polyurethane and polyuria elastomers.

Special features of sprayed elastomer coatings:

  • High rate of hardening from 2 seconds to 10 minutes;
  • 100% addition polymerization within 24 hours;
  • High-performance equipment – it is possible to cover up to 1000 m2 per day;
  • Manufacture of surfaces with glossy or roughened surfaces;
  • There are no solvent naphtha, reducers and platificators in raw-material components;
  • The possibility of color scheme according to RAL;
  • There are ultraviolet resistant coating systems;
  • Elasticity and  mechanical and physical properties are preserved under temperatures from– 60 to 100 °С.
  • Coatings, sprayed on metals or under asphalt material, нанесённые на металл или под асфальт, withstand temperature up to 180 °С.

Special features of sprayed polyuria coatings:

  • Ultimate stress limit of the coating to tearing is from 20 to 30 mega Pascal;
  • Tearing resistance from 50 to 80 N/mm2;
  • Combination of inflexibility and elasticity: various hardness the range from 65 items up to 95 items on Shore A number scale;
  • Percent elongation from 100 to 700 %;
  • Good vapor transmission rate – 16,5;
  • High bending spring power;
  • High resistance to corrosion;
  • High abrasion;
  • Sliding friction index 0,2 - 0,6;
  • High characteristics of buffing and noise attenuation;


Besides mentioned before, coatings are characterized by the following:

  • Good adhesion to various basis:

- typical adhesion on carbon steel is from 6 to 14 mega Pascal,

- adhesion on not pad concrete from 2 to 3,5 mega Pascal.

  • Good chemical durability towards forcing of sewage, petroleum derivatives and  wide range of chemicals. The coating is resistant to petroleum derivatives (motor fuel, black oil fuel, engine oil, base crude, hydraulic oil), alkali liquor (caustic potash, natrium and ammonium), some acids (weak liquid of chlorohydric, dipping, sulphurous and phosphorus acids), salt solutions (potassium muriate and chloride of sodium, liquid fertilizers, acid carbonate of natrium, tri-sodium phosphate) and other chemical mixtures.

The coatings on parameters of chemical durability are selected according to technology pull.

Advantages of working with us

The works are provided by specialists of subsidiary company LLC “UnikomService – Polymeric coatings”. These specialists have passed specialized trainings on this technology.

We are working with a wide range of protective elastomer coatings (polyurethane, polyuria, urethane foam fills and sprayed urethane foams).

Coating is operated via high-productive equipment made in theUSA, with continuous check of technical parameters of used materials.

We operate according to process regulations on coating, which was developed together with material manufacturers.

The company has got competency certificate No. 1131.01-2012-6684002808-С-083 from NPO SRO “Soyus Stroyindustrii ofSverdlovskregion” for operations on hydro-fuse and building insulation.

The company is the member of Russian and Ural Chamber of commerce and industry, certification number: No. 38-921.

The company has got a laboratory, where the in-coming materials are controlled and where the quality control of manufactured coatings is held via special equipment.

Engineer’s visit for operating on the customer’s area using mobile units is possible.

We are ready to develop technologies on protection of your constructions and objects using our systems.

Should you require any information, please feel free to contact our specialists (INQUIRY) or fill in THE QUESTIONNAIRE.

+7(3439) 66-88-02, +7(3439) 66-88-42, +7(3439) 66-87-10

Pervouralsk, Russia