Unikom-Service is a manufacturer of components for underground mining equipment. Today, more than 1500 Unikom-Service polyurethane products have been successfully replacing the original parts of domestic or foreign equipment.


  • sealing sets
  • wear plates and parts
  • slide wiper
  • jackets
  • drill steel guide bushing and inserts
  • hydraulic hose sheave
  • harness shielding tape
  • hose reel
  • pipe rack segment
  • sludge sampler
  • Aliva dosing unit (upper, lower) discs
  • various wear parts of skip hoist loaders
  • tubing inserts
  • metal/polymer insulators for mine electrical connections


  • drill units
  • LHD machines
  • breaker units
  • boring machines
  • scalers
  • MoAZ dump trucks
  • Aliva concrete mixer
  • GM-5 concrete feeder
  • Cabolt concrete pump
  • KOMATSU excavator

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