The pipeline inspection gauges of SKO series (pigs) are designed to clean the internal surface of a pipeline.

SKO series pigs are very flexible in use, and they can be easily adapted to specific tasks. High abrasion resistance of polyurethane discs and sealing rings allows for cleaning in nearly any environment (oil, gas, oil products, and sea water).

The pig design provides high efficiency in specific pipeline sections such as sharply curved (R = 1.5Dy) bends, s-bends (back to back R = 1.5Dy), or various contaminants such as heavy deposits, paraffin, oxide scale, etc.

The pig design allows for moving through the straight tees (for 6 hours) without protective grids, double-faced valves with the groove width of up to 0.5 DH, pipeline restriction of to 60% DH (SKO-K), and up to 80% DH for other configurations.


  • cleaning after the rubbish remover, and determination of the passing ability
  • pre-diagnostic cleaning to improve diagnostic results
  • preventive cleaning – to reduce corrosion by removing the corrosive wastes
  • periodic cleaning to remove any restricting deposits (in particular, to remove sand, clay, paraffins, etc.) in order to maintain the design flow rate


  • gauging pigs
  • disc pigs
  • brush pigs
  • magnet pigs
  • magnet brush pigs
  • cup pigs
  • solid cast pigs
  • polyurethane foam pigs


  • driving discs (Shore A hardness: 85, MDI)
  • cleaning discs (Shore A hardness: 75, MDI)
  • cups (Shore A hardness: 85,MDI)
  • spacer discs
  • gauging plates (metallic)
  • piston housing
  • brushes
  • magnets
  • current collector plates


ParameterUOMTested under75A (MDI)85A (MDI)85A (TDI)
Shore hardnessShore АDIN 53 50574,0±1,485,0±1,281,2±1,4
Wearmm³DIN 53 51637,8±4,438,1±5,554,9±5,3
Tensile strengthN/mm²DIN 53 50443,0±3,546,4±3,446,0±3,7
Ultimate elongation%DIN 53 504407,4±27,5414,6±29,2546,8±29,7
Crazing strengthN/mmDIN 53 51517,0 ±2,733,5 ±4,834,1±4,6
Temperature range°С

from -30 to +50°С

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