Unicom-Service R&D produces high-quality seals of any complexity by turning (no tooling is required) for oil&gas, chemical, metallurgical, mining and machine building applications.

Due to its properties including good wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance (pH 2 – 14), oil and petrol resistance, water resistance (including Cenomanian), high dielectric properties (3500 V / cm for a sample thickness of 2 mm), as well as due to high pressure (up to 1250 atm.) capacity within a wide temperature rangeб polyurethane can successfully replace the rubber of various grades (and sometimes the metals, too).

The seals are manufactured using state-of-the-art ENGEL and ECONOMOS machinery (Ø 10 – 640 mm). Larger seals (up to 2000 mm in diameter) are made using the rotary casting method.

They can be of any shape (according to the GOST, OST, corporate standards, or according to the drawing, sketch or model). Also we can produce the seals similar to those made in the EU or Japan.


  • Polyurethane (toper.= -60°C…+150°C)
  • PTFE (toper.= -200°C…+260°C)
  • Any rubber (tраб.= -50°C…+200°C)
  • Nylon plastic (toper.= -40°C…+100°C)
  • Acetal resin (toper.= -50°C+100°C)

Table of standard profiles

Стандартные профили уплотнений
Custom made production is available, too.

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