Unikom-Service Research & Production Company is a confident leader in Russian polyurethane market. Since 2000, the company has mastered production of over 2,000 types of products for various Russian industries. These include polyurethane seals for hydraulics and pneumatics, polyurethane coated shafts, lined pipes, pigs and polyurethane balls for oil and gas pipelines, fenders, railway and heavy vehicle assembly parts, non-standard solid complex geometry parts.

The success of Unikom-Service is based on a high-end professional team of technicians who implement their own scientific solutions. The cutting-edge equipment and in-house scientific laboratory allows employing all key polyurethane technologies: mold casting, thermoplastic injection molding, rotational molding, machining, and elastomeric coating. The company’s production facilities allow manufacture of custom polyurethane products of almost any volume: from one-offs to commercial production. This enables our customers to purchase polyurethane products in any volumes.


Polyurethane products feature excellent physical and mechanical properties: resistance to abrasion, cuts and tears, a wide hardness range, high wear and oil resistance. Polyurethane production process is quite fascinating, want to know more?

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